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This service is not like anything else in the automotive market.  We do all the work, from data entry to database management, yet you maintain control because the letters, envelopes and reports are printed, pre-sorted by salesperson and manager, each morning at your dealerships.  ProResponse lets your salespeople and managers track every prospect and every customer every day.  Salespeople and managers across the country tell us it’s like having their own personal, computer literate secretary on a daily basis to handle every scenario they become involved with.  A brief overview of our services is listed below.


  • Sales Representatives fill out a simple log form at the dealership. We then gather the prospect and sales information every day via fax transmittal of these forms to our Operations Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Each evening we process both the new and existing data and electronically transmit the resulting letters and reports the following morning to a PC located at your dealership.
  • Utilizing our proprietary software, ProPrint™, the information is then printed at your dealership with the touch of a button, individually sorted and stacked, for each manager and salesperson. The information that is printed is specific to each dealership’s needs but generally consists of the following services listed below.


  • Daily, time sensitive management reports that contain real, usable data not just impractical and meaningless numbers.
  • Daily Work Planner Report for each salesperson with specific details concerning their prospects or customers.
  • Daily individual letters AND envelopes for each prospect and customer. The letters are specific to each salesperson’s data.
  • Our system will cover all traffic at your dealership including: phone, floor and browse prospects, sales and lease contacts, Internet contacts, referrals, be-backs and service contacts. Letters can also be customized depending on your dealership’s specific needs.
  • The ProResponse standard letter series is also available in Spanish.

Billing & Fees

  • ProResponse bills their clients based on individual “Retail Sales” for each dealership and our fees reward for sales improvement. All phone and floor contact letter series are free.  More specific fees, such as for Specialty Letters, are specific to each dealership’s contract.



Where your customers come from…

It is beneficial for you to know where your customers originate.  With this information you can be more efficient in cultivating your wealth of business opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Today, large advertising budgets seem to be a way of life.  In fact, according to the NADA, the average dealership will spend $225,000 a year on advertising alone.  Over the past nine years, advertising expenditures for direct mail have increased 76 percent.  Besides promoting service specials and maintenance follow-up, direct mail has proved effective in enhancing CSI and building relationship marketing1. For the dealer that effectively follows-up the customer, the advertising dollar is stretched even further.  You spend large amounts of money to get the customer into your dealership the first time.  Doesn’t it make perfectly good sense to invest a couple of dollars to bring them back?  (The closing ratio on be-backs is 66%)

Another area that is usually ignored is the wealth of potential business that is available in your own customer database.  These customers already know where you are located, know someone at your dealership and know what product you have to offer.  Again, it only makes sense to contact them and turn these customers into repeat buyers and/or obtain referrals.  The repeat and referred buyers are the happiest customers, they close the easiest and provide the highest gross profit!  Even in slow times you can have good months because there is always someone in your database that is in need of a new or pre-owned vehicle.  It’s easy.  All you have to do is consistently stay in contact with them.  A comprehensive follow-up and tracking service is a necessity in today’s competitive market!

Imagine if your competition followed up with your customers and you didn’t.

proresponse vs no response

7 eye opening stats

  1. 58 prospects per month is the average number of people each salesperson sees. 48 of those prospects are lost to the competition.  That’s 83% of your business buying from another dealership.


  1. 75% of all prospects do not buy on their first visit.


  1. Prospects shop an average of four to five


  1. The 72 hour buying cycle is history! The customer is now taking between 9 to 30 days before purchasing.


  1. 90% of all prospects are never contacted by their salesperson after leaving the dealership and rarely do they return on their own. The Be-back bus isn’t coming!


  1. 90% of all buyers are never re-contacted by their salesperson about purchasing another vehicle after they take delivery.


  1. 62% of all customers have at least one family member or friend who will purchase a vehicle within the next 12 months, but are rarely contacted by their sales person.


(Source: NADA and JD Power Research Statistics)

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