Frequently Asked Questions

Return on Investment

How much does your service cost?

The fees are extremely reasonable, rewarding dealerships for sales improvement and are based on the size of the dealership. Please contact a ProResponse Representative for details and a quote that is customized for your dealership. (Click here to request an appointment.)

What kind of return should I see in terms of increased phone-to-floor ups, be-backs, and increased sales?

ProResponse clients have reported ROI of 500% to 700%. You can expect annual sales increases between 11% and 19% on average. The reason our clients continue to use our services year after year is because we deliver on our promises and get the job done - every day! If you follow-up on every prospect and every customer every time you will sell more cars - and that's the bottom line!

Will I have to hire additional staff to run your program and/or does your program require my staff to have extensive, technical computer skills?

No additional personnel are needed at the dealership and no heavy computer knowledge is required. Instead, ProResponse's quality staff provides technical training, support and assistance, to help your dealership increase its professionalism, effectiveness and sales - all without the addition of staff at the dealership.

Does ProResponse require a large initial investment in equipment?

No large purchase of equipment is required in order to use ProResponse's services. All you need is your standard PC and a printer, which most dealerships already have on site.

The Competition

What specific advantages can ProResponse offer me over various competitors?

Unlike some of our competitors, ProResponse is not a software provider; we provide a service. Our competition's answer to CRM is to provide you with software and manuals and then leave all the work in your hands. ProResponse knows you are there to sell cars, not sit in front of a computer monitor. From data entry to database management ProResponse will handle all your needs, each and every day.


Some CRM providers come in and make the dealer change their business rules in order to comply with their pre-made system. Are ProResponse's service customizable to my needs and my dealership?

ProResponse is totally flexible to the particular needs of your dealership and will easily integrate into your existing business policies and daily procedures. This is not a pre-packaged "cookie-cutter" program. All of our letters, statistical reports and e-communications are customizable. We will work with you to determine which features will be most beneficial to your dealership. You tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.


About the Company and the Services

How long have you been in business?

After extensive research and development, David Goodison, CEO and Dan Coker, CIO, created ProResponse, Inc. and signed their first client in September 1998. Since then, ProResponse has been one of the fastest growing automotive database management companies in the industry.


Do you provide continues training and technical support for my staff?

ProResponse has a support team with over 40 years of combined automotive and industry experience. ProResponse consultants are in constant contact with clients, providing guidance and hands-on training whenever needed. In addition to this, a live customer service staff and Microsoft Certified technical support staff are on hand at the Operations Center in Phoenix, Arizona to assist with any questions or concerns that arise during the daily activities of the dealerships.


Can I do data mining and target marketing with ProResponse?

Absolutely! Our web-enabled services give you the ability to access prospect and customer information with a click of a mouse. You can reach your customer base before your competitors have even thought about it.


Data Security

I am concerned about the security of my data. When a salesperson leaves, can the database be destroyed or stolen by that sales person?

No. All data belongs to the dealership and no salesperson has download access. When we are notified that a salesperson has left your dealership, they are immediately denied access to the system, and all of his/her prospects and customers are immediately re-assigned to a new or existing salesperson of your designation. In addition to this, whether it is dealing with a terminated employee, a direct mail campaign, or another scenario - regardless of the reason for the request - we always require a manager's or authorized employee's written approval in order to release customer lists or data.


I am concerned about my customer information getting into the hands of others; intentionally or accidentally. What safeguards and assurances do I have?

Your data is never shared or released to anyone without your permission. Every Monday your data is backed up onto disk and stored off-site in a lock box at a secure location. We do not release your customer data to anyone.